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The Full Story


Our Zen Clouds LLC was founded in 2022 by Renzo Santistevan and Joshua Mai.  Our Zen Clouds brought the beginnings of a podcast and an online store dedicated to a multidisciplinary art collective centered on bringing mental health awareness.   At the time of startup "Keep your head in the Clouds" was a phrase Our Zen Clouds coined as a reminder to keep creating, believing, and inspiring each other.


A multidisciplinary collective centered around mental health, providing creative resources and support.


Our Zen Clouds presents Cloud Talks is a podcast bringing together artists to better understand the challenges of mental health today.  The podcast takes listeners into the life of independent artists and the artists views on mental health. Each unique story connects us to our own backyard and strengthens  the communities mental health awareness.


The Our Zen Clouds online shop brings together art and mental health awareness in our everyday fashion. The designs are created to entice openness to discuss mental health problems today.  Additionally the Our Zen Clouds online shop donates a percentage of profits towards mental health non-profits, as well as towards establishing a fund to help independent artists fund projects directed towards mental health awareness.

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