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Anime x Trayce Chapman's EP Release!?

Guess who's a big anime fan!? Our special guest from season 1 of Cloud Talks, Trayce Chapman! Our Zen Clouds recently caught up with Trayce to learn about what he has been up to and the exciting upcoming release of his EP 'Black Deku'.

We learned that since our episode Trayce has been focused to be an active role model in the community as he takes on his second season coaching youth football. Further he has carried on using his art to share a message with the wider community and has enjoyed his time being a father to his 2 kids.

About his new EP, we discovered it's a blend of artistry and anime in the 'Black Deku' EP. Trayce incorporated ideas inspired by his beloved anime My Hero Academia into the lyrics and visuals for the EP. The EP will become not just a staple in his discography, but also a wake up to a much needed narrative for mental health in society today. Our Zen Clouds, familiar with our episode with Trayce Chapman, knows that he has stressed the importance of mental health. Trayce from a mental perspective knows what it takes from being a single father, to an artist, to a friend, and more.

It's quiet on the new music front as only a few singles from Trayce have dropped in recent months, leading some to see Chapman as an underrated artist in 2024. However, that story is likely to take a turn with the upcoming EP 'Black Deku'.

Listen to the first single from the EP before the full release June 10, 2024:

anime x trayce chapman

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